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Wendy Clouse


The breathtaking colours of the wild countryside and the mesmerising effects of light on seascapes and landscapes are often at the heart of many of Wendy’s beautiful paintings.  Each piece is a statement about what Wendy sees and feels around her and what has inspired her to take subjects which she may see in an abstract form and then paint them in a representational way, making her mark.


It is the subject that dictates the medium Wendy chooses for each piece and she regularly works  with oils, acrylics, watercolour and pastels painting many subjects from fine portraiture to bold skies and landscapes.


Painting has been Wendy’s life since she was a little girl sketching at the kitchen table.  She loves the work of Velasquez and Carravaggio for their use of light and contrast,  John Singer Sergeant for his beautiful brushwork in his portraiture and the German artists of ‘Der Blaue Reiter” group, (The Blue Rider) for their wonderful sense of colour. Of contemporary artists Wendy admires the large loose brush marks of Tai Sheirenberg and the portraiture of Jonathon Yeo.


Wendy has been a professional artist for 40 years, has had over 20 exhibitions in the USA, Paris, Germany and the UK, with many of the London societies including The Royal Society of Portrait Painters, The New English Art Club, The Royal Watercolour Society and the National Society of Acrylic Painters, of which she is a member.  She has a Diploma in Portraiture from Heatherleighs,London and a Masters Degree in Fine Art from Canterbury. She has 3 books on painting published to date and runs the Wendy Clouse Painting School from her studio in Shepperton.

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