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(by A. Scott Galloway)


Picture yourself under a blazing sky in Rio, inside a hushed auditorium in Toyko or floating over a sand-sculpted quad on Jupiter. Nine figures shrouded in mystical haberdasheries mysteriously take their places on stage as you begin to feel a deep, subsonic rumble. Suddenly, a robot - a galactic warrior - rises vertically from beneath the floor. And as the hauntingly familiar strains of Holzt's "The Planets" waft around your ears, this is the message your mechanical host begins to bellow:


"Since the beginning of time, as we know it There has been a cosmic force so powerful, A million atomic bombs could never equal, A light so dazzling and bright,No one could ever gaze upon it with the naked eyeAnd see again... At last, the sounds that call the dawn of a new day Because it is etched across the heavensThat nothing since human or physical existenceCan come within the torrid parameters of this solar force. Yes, citizens of the universe, I bring you the unreachable, incomparable star;The brightest, most vital life force in our universe. I bring you SUN!!!!!!!!!!"        

                                                                             - Byron Byrd




(Designed for SUN by the 'STAR WARS' Academy Award Winning FX Team)

A sonic detonation rocks you in your solar plexus as explosions of light and fire signal a frenzy on stage. The dark figures become animated, ripping the robes from their bodies to reveal skin-tight body suits with mirrors reflecting the colours of the rainbow. Their spirits are now liberated to take part in a funkdafied joyride of unity and positivity you will never forget. "We're here! Sun is here," they chant. And for over an hour, they thrill you with jams like "This Is What You Wanted," "Jam Ya'll: Funk It Up," "Radiation Level," "Live On, Dream On", "Boogie Bopper," "We're So Hot" and, of course, the one that started it all, "Wanna Make Love (Come Flick My BIC)." It took a 20-member crew and a semi to bring this show to earthlings, but leader Byron Byrd insists the extra cost was worth it. "Sun is about giving the people what they pay for, which is why 'They're (still) calling for more!'" This is a heliograph of Sun at its peak.


Sun was a brainstorm of Byron Byrd, a young Ohioan given to stargazing and eventual pursuits of Aerospace engineering and research science. He's the one who developed the use of wireless microphones and guitars for the stage. But music began for him as a hobby. "My first instrument was alto sax," he says, speaking of the horn he played at Dayton's Roosevelt High School. "Then I picked up bass, guitar and keyboards. Ohio was a fertile stomping ground for scores of musicians in jazz, rock and, particularly, soul and funk. The list includes the Isleys Brothers, Slave, Heatwave, Midnight Star, Lakeside and Faze-0, to name only a few."

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